The Number One Reason Children Play High School Sports May Surprise You

Millions of adolescents participate in high school sports each year. Some enjoy playing with friends and being part of a team. Others like donning a jersey and representing their school. But do you know the number one reason why children play high school sports? (Hint: It’s not about winning.)

Research shows having fun is the number one reason why children play sports in high school.

They have fun hanging out in the weight room with their teammates. They have fun laughing at inside jokes about their coaches. They have fun going out together on Friday nights. And the fun goes on and on.

Encourage your children to participate in high school sports. They’ll make lifelong friends. They’ll be part of a team. But most importantly, they’ll have fun!

You’ve seen and heard what others have to say. Now… what do YOU like most about participating in high school sports and performing arts activities? Would you recommend playing high school sports to kids in middle school? If so, why?

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