Help Your Children Have a Greater Sense of Belonging

What’s the greatest irony of social media? Feeling socially isolated. And it doesn’t just happen online. Being picked last in gym class. Not having anyone to sit with at lunch. Having trouble finding a partner in chemistry class. Sitting at home alone on a Friday night.

During a time when we’re seemingly more connected than ever before, rates of loneliness have doubled in the U.S. Help your children feel like they belong by encouraging them to participate in high school sports and activities.

Research shows students who participate in sports have a greater sense of belonging and have more friends. Healthy friendships help prevent bullying and social isolation. Limiting social media use also reduces loneliness.

Encourage your children to get involved in high school. They’ll feel like they belong and will have a strong circle of friends. Most importantly, they won’t feel alone.

You’ve seen and heard what others have to say. Now… what do YOU like most about participating in high school sports and performing arts? Would you recommend playing high school sports to kids in middle school? If so, why?

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