Download Public Service Announcements for Your School

We’ve produced a series of public service announcements that you can use to help spread the message about the benefits of participating in high school sports and activities. 

Best of all, these public service announcements are FREE for you to download and use. Submit them to your partners at local radio stations. Play them in your school during morning announcements. Play them before or during halftime of school athletic events. Play them at teacher and parent meetings and during school convocations. All you have to do is select your state from the menu below and download the files!

You’ve seen and heard what others have to say. Now… what do YOU like most about participating in high school sports and activities? Would you recommend playing high school sports to kids in middle school? If so, why?

Submit your video using the hashtag #MyReasonWhy, and we will repost our favorites!! And by the way, feel free to be as expressive, passionate and creative as you’d like.