Students like you love playing high school sports and participating in other after-school activities.

Here, in their own words, are a few reasons why:

You’ve seen and heard what others have to say. Now… what do YOU like most about participating in high school sports and activities? Would you recommend participating in high school sports and activities to students in middle school? If so, why?

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Top 10 Reasons To Participate in High School Sports & Activities.

  1. You'll have fun.

  2. You'll probably get better grades. Research shows that teenagers who participate in high school sports and other after-school activities have a higher GPA than those who do not. And better grades open the door to all kinds of opportunities.

  3. You'll be more fit, meaning you'll look good, feel good and have more energy. Beats watching TV and playing video games doesn't it? And you'll be establishing healthy lifestyle habits that you'll probably maintain later in life.

  4. You'll be playing for somebody besides yourself. Every time you put on your uniform, you'll not only be representing your high school, but your entire community will be cheering for you. Nothing could be more rewarding!

  5. You'll make close friends. Kids who play on the same team, share the same passion and work together to overcome the same challenges build bonds that not only last through high school, but for an entire lifetime.

  6. You'll learn how to be a more effective leader. Before you know it you'll be a role model to team members younger than yourself. They'll be looking to you for encouragement and guidance, and you'll have the skill to provide it.

  7. You'll learn how to be a good teammate. There are few things more satisfying than working together toward a common goal. Every person's effort impacts the rest of the team, and every teammate is accountable to each other.

  8. You will build character. One of the greatest reasons to participate in high school sports is because it will make you a stronger person, emotionally as well as physically. You'll learn how to persevere, be more resilient and be more tolerant of others.

  9. You will learn how to manage your time. Finding the minutes to do your homework, go to practice, enjoy your friends and get enough sleep can be challenging. But you can learn how, and you'll be a more organized, efficient person because of it.

  10. You'll be preparing yourself to take on future challenges. Add it all up—making better grades, being more physically fit, strengthening your character, developing better time management and leadership skills, knowing how to be a good teammate—and the result is a person who is destined to be happy, productive and successful. Plus… you'll have fun.

    Or, did we already say that?

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